2016 Race Recap

Men's Podium 2016
Jerome Clementz wins TDS 2016.  
Lauren Gregg on the uplift.
Lauren Gregg with her smiles for miles! 
Weir shuttling the crew.
Mark Weir shuttling the crew! 
Heckle King Mark Weir
Heckle ring leader himself, Mark Weir! 
Marco Osborne on a wall ride.
Marco Osborne - Team Cannondale/WTB! 
Marco Osborne ass over tea kettle.
Marco Osborne riding his bike like a bucking bronco on vigilante! 
Women's Pro Podium
Women's Pro Podium. 
Jeff Kendall-Weed in the air.
Jeff Kendall- Weed getting some air. 
Cory Sullivan with a no-hander
Cory Sullivan with a crowd pleaser, no hander!
Photos by Abner Kingman/WTB

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