The Sanchez Crew

TDS takes a lot of effort from a lot of folks to make happen every year. There is a lot of blood, sweat( thanks Casey for such buff trails) and tears(from anyone who pisses off Ron), that go into the event.  Each person involved has a full time job when not working on TDS Enduro. From managing multimillion projects, to teaching kids via zoom(not an easy job), going to school full time and working full time and raising the newest addition to the Sanchez crew. Everyone works really hard to make TDS the best event of the year.  Here are just some of the hats that crew wears when not doing their day jobs! 


Ron Sanchez- Founder and Enforcer

Debbie Sanchez- Registration and Sponsorship

Casey Sanchez- Operations

Tandie Sanchez- Social Media 

Beau Sanchez- Cutie Coordinator 

Bradley Sanchez- Cutie Coorindator in Training

Carly Sanchez- Gopher and Semper Fi Fund Camp Coordinator

Justin Kenworthy- Mini Moto Coordinator/Mechanic 

Mark Weir- Sponsorship Wrangler/Promoter

Will Fogelman- Race tape crew and badass on a moto

Noah Lane- Social Media