2018 Race Recap

The hecklers were on point in 2018! 
Amy Morrisson aka Cupcake, smashing through rocks with ease. 
Ryan Gardner railing the kick the can corner. 
Becky Gardner( Ryan's little sister) beating his time down stage 6. 
Enduro Bro showing what a real man is made of. 
Dan Wolfe sliding down Stage 4. 
Arthur Sykes, a crowd favorite, hugging a tree. 
Seth cooking breakfast for the crew! 
RC night show. 
 Chelsea sending it! 
Jon C showing spectators how to heckle! 
Margarita backpack was a win for spectators! 
 Ali Osgood always crushing it. 
 Louissa Sussman from racer to heckler!
 Mark Weir shuttling the Semper Fi squad around! 
 Marco spectating with Stamm the man after hurting his wrist after Day 1. 

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