The Community


Because of TDS and the generosity of its sponsors, the TDS ranch can give back to various groups and organizations. Several local clubs and teams use the property for their training rides. It hosts local races, Chainlinkz and youth cycling events as well. One of the biggest contributions is giving back to the Semper Fi Fund during the TDS race and a few days following the event. Throughout race weekend a group of select Semper Fi Fund veterans race the event and we give VIP treatment to the rest of the veterans,  from the excellent food provided by Chef Newman to shuttling to the best heckle spots on the hill. We roll out the red carpet with gratitude for their service. The days following the event, we host a three day mountain bike skills clinic with professional athletes, as coaches as a way for the service members to recover through sport.

The motto of The Ranch is "No dig, no ride, period." Put in your time, earn your stickers, and enjoy the trails. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn of workdays and earn your seasonal stickers. It takes at least two stickers to earn the turns, and if you bump into Casey or Ron while you are out riding they better be visible on your bike or helmet.